Should We Use A Software Framework?

Should We Use A Software Framework?

In another FAQ, we talk about how to pick the right programming language for our software development projects. In this FAQ, we discuss software frameworks. Software Frameworks while not an absolute requirement have become popular and considered by many a necessity when building an app.

The benefits of software frameworks are:

  • they speed up software development. This is by far the number one reason for frameworks’ popularity and increased reliance
  • they aide beginning programmers in learning, understanding, and emulating good code. That’s because software frameworks are authored by experts that many consider artists. Checkout Taylor Otwell or David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) to learn more about framework authors with cult-like followings.
  • they help us make an application more secure without us having to become security experts ourselves
  • they create a community that we can join, participate and learn

What is a Software Framework?

Glad you asked! A software framework is a collection of code maintained by expert software developers that serve as the foundation for your own software. Software frameworks help product owners, entrepreneurs, and executives get their software apps up and running quickly.

Is there just 1 framework I have to pick? While some projects keep things simple by using just 1 framework, some projects often use 2, 3 and more. Some apps use a different framework for the frontend, backend, the mobile app, and even design has it’s own.

Can I change my mind later on a framework? Well, you can technically change your framework but it won’t be easy. Investing in research and expertise will help you select the right framework that will last the foreseeable future. Investing in research and planning up front is better than selecting a framework and relying on a potential change later. Changing frameworks requires a lot of effort, planning and time so pick wisely.