Rackless helps start-ups, small businesses, and non-profits sustainably build and integrate cloud-based software technologies.


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At Rackless, we help Entrepreneurs implement our proven software development system helping them and their teams build software-based solutions to address their markets and help serve as a foundation for their growing business. Our proven system is designed to adapt to changes in your budget, scope, time and quality demands. Scope change is practically our middle-name (technically our middle name is a comma (‘,’) as in ‘Rackless, Inc.’ but you get the point).

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or this is your first rodeo, Rackless’ system can help. Whether you are raising money or self-funding your product (aka boot-strapping), we can work with you in achieving your dreams (at least we can help when it comes to your technology product dreams. We can’t really help with that new private island you want to buy after you’re successful but we hope you remember us when you do and invite us over).


Building product and empowering entrepreneurship is part of our DNA at Rackless. Our founder, Micky Thompson, has a Master of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship from one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the world: The University of Arizona’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship. Micky also attended the prestigious Venture Capital Executive Program at the University of California, Berkley. After having launched over a half-dozen successful technology products and start-ups, some bootstrapped with his own cash and some funded by Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, Micky is now sharing his proven system for building software whether on a tight budget of a boot-strapped founder working from his parents home (Micky had 4 telephone lines installed into his parents home for his first company) or on the budget of a well-funded start-up with several investment rounds (Micky and his co-founder Jarret raised over $5 million in funding for their latest start-up Post.Bid.Ship.).

With Rackless, Micky addresses the most common question he receives from other Product Owners and entrepreneurs: ‘can you help me get started?’ The developers at Rackless have been with us for years and are some of the same developers that have built Micky’s products over the last 20 years. Through Rackless, Micky’s team of system engineers and software developers provide you the same systems Micky still uses today with his own companies. To get started, select a plan below and Micky and his team will help you get started today building your next million-dollar product.


Laravel, Rails, or Express.js: Which Framework’s Better?

We recommend Laravel over Ruby on Rails (Ruby) and Express.js (JavaScript/Node.js). We chose Laravel ourselves for our own internal software project, recently after comparing these same 3 software frameworks. In selecting Laravel, we chose to build our app using the software language PHP. PHP has the largest market share of all the web-based software languages (close to 80% of all websites use PHP). Also, Laravel is the fastest-growing software framework based on PHP making it a wise choice.

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