How Do You Design Your Web App After Reaching MVP?

How Do You Design Your Web App After Reaching MVP?

Today, we answer a question from Rackless client Collin on ‘Design’. Let’s look at Collin’s question:

Hey Micky – we are pretty close to having the very basic functionality built and it’s almost time to make the website look pretty for Version 1. Will I need a different designer for the skin/HTML? – Collin

Congratulations, Collin on getting to this point! We love success stories at Rackless! We’re delighted your Rackless software developer, Isha, has been able to deliver to you a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). That is a huge milestone so be sure to pat yourself on the back!

I want to answer your question in 2 ways, today. First, I just streamed a live video via YouTube sharing how we addressed this same opportunity at Rackless you now face. To see that video, click here. Secondly, I want to go a step further and build on my answer from the YouTube live stream with a new idea. This idea I am hoping you can run by Isha, your Rackless software developer, to see if she would be up for it.

Live Stream Recap

Before I talk about my new idea, let’s recap what I shared in the video. At Rackless, we are fans of Figma. Figma describes itself as ‘helping teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish.’ We agree with this description.

Collin, given your technology experience and creativity, I strongly feel that if you learned to use Figma, you could advance your skills as a Product Owner and maintain the momentum you have achieved. Trying to add a 3rd party designer to the process I fear would increase your budget and slow your momentum. The most successful product owners we have seen have some level of experience designing. In the video, I mention 2 types of design:

  1. Graphic Design: This is the type of design that occurs when you are designing a logo, letterhead, and a billboard. The tools of this trade are often Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator. We recommend engaging these professionals when your budget allows. Tip: When you do engage a graphic designer, negotiate upfront ownership of all source files. Graphic designers refer to these files as vector files. We seen clients hire graphic designers to later learn the designer retained ownership of the copyright and source files. When working with a software developer, you need the source files to convert the design into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. User Experience (UX): This is the design skill all good product owners and software developers possess. When you go to a website and log in, you expect to first be asked for your email address/user name and then the password. If you as a product owner asked for the password first, then you would be designing a bad user experience as it would confuse them. So if you have designed a webpage where a user enters information, you have the basic knowledge of User Experience.

User Experience

At Rackless, we recommend that the User Experience be owned and driven by you the Product Owner. If we look at a web app as far as software development and User Experience, both those components make up over 80% of the work.

So how do we make up the remaining 5 to 20% of the work that requires graphic design? We recommend you borrow inspiration from websites and web app you admire. Take a screenshot of those apps and websites you like and recreate them in Figma. From there, share the Figma files with your Rackless software developer to implement the design into your product.

Revolutionary Design Idea

Now for a revolutionary idea. Are you ready for this? Take a screenshot of web apps and websites you admire and mark them up to illustrate what you like about them. After that, send them to your software developer in a ticket asking them to implement the design in Figma for you! Mind’s blown right?!!?

So by doing this Collin, you and your software developer will be able to collaborate on the design using the design you already admire and want in your own product.

In conclusion Collin, we recommend you work closely with your software developer in creating a design for your product just like you have designed the features and User Experience that got you to the MVP in the first place. In other words, continue doing what you and Isha are doing because it is working.

I hope that answers your question, Collin! We look forward to seeing the amazing products you are able to build with your Rackless software developer Isha!

Below is the Transcript from the meeting:

Kara (00:00:00): Yeah, I’ve started it.

Micky (00:00:01): Thank you.

Chris (00:00:02): Okay, great. Yeah. Well, I had a couple things had a couple of just like specific questions about some stuff with photos, and then another, some other questions would be a little bit bigger picture and maybe set up more that we could address in a future meeting.

Micky (00:00:20): Yeah.

Chris (00:00:22): So I’ll just start with kind of the easier questions. Let’s see here. So I’m gonna, I can share my screen. I’ll show you a see here. Okay. And you’re seeing this on here.

Micky (00:00:40): Yes.

Chris (00:00:42): So I just recently shared a post and it’s looking funky and I think it’s because I’m using a different format of photo or something. Let’s see here. Alright, hey, we’re jumping up, we’re almost to a thousand.

Micky (00:01:02): Congratulations. We’re getting close and you already had a thousand following you.

Chris (00:01:06): Yeah.

Micky (00:01:06): Oh, that’s cool.

Chris (00:01:07): Hmm. Which I guess followers are probably better than likes, I think.

Micky (00:01:11): Yes, because followers- I- You know, that would be a good question to answer. I don’t know. I’m assuming followers get more updates than likes, but I’m not sure.

Chris (00:01:23): I think that’s kind of a confusion, confusing delineation sometimes on Facebook. Cause I’m like, I like pages all the time. And then I’m sorry. I think my daughter is trying to come in here.

Micky (00:01:35): Oh you’re good.

Chris (00:01:37): Yeah and anyway, it just gets a little confusing. But anyway, so here’s, here’s my first issue. So I just posted this, people started liking it. I haven’t boosted it or paid any money on it because there’s and this is of course on a desktop version. So I think if we go to I, if I recall it looks better on a mobile Oh, come on here. Uh.

Micky (00:02:06): You may want to refresh your page. I think that’s what you have to do with Facebook. Just hit refresh. Yep. There you go.

Chris (00:02:25): Okay. Facebook obviously thinks a lot about being mobile friendly.

Micky (00:02:34): Yes.

Chris (00:02:36): I have a friend who just recently got hired there and I couldn’t even understand what the heck his job is, is some kind of systems analyst thing. And I’m like, what does that mean? How do I get you to work on the inside for me? You know.

Micky (00:02:48): Funny.

Chris (00:02:52): So this looks better here, but the photo, you know, it kind of shows her face. That’s great. But then when I go back to the

Micky (00:03:00): Yeah, it looks different on the desktop doesn’t it?

Chris (00:03:02): Yeah it looks bad. I mean, it cuts it off and I would not run an ad on it just because-

Micky (00:03:09): Of the desktop. Yeah.

Chris (00:03:10): Yeah. And, and they’re, you know, they’re gonna run all the different places and so I would not do it until I worked that out. So here, so here’s how it looks here. And I thought sometimes you can have control over that, but I, I couldn’t figure out anyway. Yeah. What do you guys- what do you guys-

Kara (00:03:29): You should be able to see a preview in, on your WP admin screen with the Yoast plugin.

Chris (00:03:39): Okay. let’s see here. Okay. There’s, there’s one other issue here. This is actually the wrong, I’m having an issue to work through that, but I woke up today. I’m like, oh, shoot. Do you know, I can edit this underneath there?

Micky (00:04:21): That may be the excerpt.

Kara (00:04:24): Yeah. That’s what I was thinking of.

Chris (00:04:28): Okay. Do I need [inaudible]

Micky (00:04:30): Do you- let’s let’s go back and see the wording.

Chris (00:04:35): Yeah. So it’s what it is-

Micky (00:04:37): Experiencing cancer changed this man’s- Okay. So now let’s go to the page and edit it. All right. So it says how an expecting mom-. Okay. So let’s edit the page, edit the post.

Chris (00:04:55): So on this page?

Micky (00:04:57): Yes.

Chris (00:04:58): Okay.

Micky (00:05:00): And do you know about your excerpt section? Do you go to it?

Chris (00:05:06): No, I don’t know what that is.

Micky (00:05:08): Okay. So up at the top right hand corner, do you see where it says screen options?

Chris (00:05:16): Yeah.

Micky (00:05:17): Let’s expand that. And do you see where it says excert?

Chris (00:05:22): Yeah.

Micky (00:05:23): Check that box and let’s see the fact that you knew that you hadn’t seen it, tell- told me that it may not be enabled. So now let’s scroll down and see if we can find it.

Chris (00:05:37): And now go to visual?

Micky (00:05:40): Do you look for the word excerpt.

Kara (00:05:43): Just scroll all the way – It’s usually down at the very bottom like as a separate section. So keep on scrolling. There you go.

Micky (00:05:50): Yeah. Okay. So it’s not pulling that section.

Kara (00:05:52): Now you-

Micky (00:05:52): Do you see that Kara?

Kara (00:05:55): Right. I think it, what it’s doing is it’s pulling the first wording in the post. So if you, like, if you look at the main facts of pulling whatever is first there.

Kara (00:06:08): You can set it like you could, you start using that excerpt box and Isha could program that to say, okay, I’m going to show the title in the excerpt, but you would just- you would have to- all of the posts.

Chris (00:06:25): Say that again. I missed that Kara.

Kara (00:06:27): I think, I think, I think my, my headset cut out. You can have Isha program to where she pulls that excerpt as your kind of summary. But you would have to update that excerpt on all of your posts. Otherwise it would just show blank because mostly all your excerpts are blank right now. But I think what it’s pulling Micky is this right, right there. It says how an expecting mom. I think it’s just pulling that first [inaudible]

Micky (00:06:57): I actually don’t think it’s pulling that because it’s not saying how an expecting mom, it’s talking about a man.

Kara (00:07:02): Oh.

Micky (00:07:02): Go back to the page.

Kara (00:07:05): Actually scroll down then. Scroll down to your Yoast section and look at your Meta. Look at the edit snippet, and then maybe

Chris (00:07:16): Whoops, where was I? Oh, Yoast, here we go.

Kara (00:07:19): Yeah. Scroll on down to where it’s like that section hit edit snippet. No. Hmm.

Micky (00:07:29): I did notice up at the top, Kara,iIt said “second heading”. I’ve never seen that. Do you see that over the top, right?

Kara (00:07:36): Yeah. I think that’s something that Chris had set up, but I’m not sure exactly what it does.

Micky (00:07:41): What does that say, Chris?

Chris (00:07:44): How do I even- What the heck? Okay. Oh, and then it’s going in there. What is that. Uh.

Kara (00:07:57): Just scroll over. Yeah, you can actually probably just copy it now and paste it up in like the somewhere just so you can read it.

Chris (00:08:10): Yeah. Okay. See, it’s pulling that other one.

Kara (00:08:12): Okay. So it is that

Micky (00:08:13): Let’s, let’s look at second heading. Is that something that’s in WordPress? I’ve never heard of a second heading. Do you know Chris, if that’s something that you had Isha build?

Chris (00:08:13): I don’t know. I think there’s, there’s something with that, but I can’t, I don’t know. Honestly, I can’t remember. I know that it’s pulling from a previous story. Cause she said something about, you know, like sticky content, you know, like on this page, for example, how, let me just show ya. So like something with how she set this page and it’s actually not this one. It’s the Stories of Hope, read Stories of Hope where the most recent one will pull to the top and then the next one, then it’ll put it down here.

Micky (00:09:19): Here’s what I would do. I would send her a ticket and let’s go ahead and create it right here while we’re here. Open up your Assembla.

Kara (00:09:31): So I found ticket 86 is one that’s talking about the second heading.

Micky (00:09:37): Oh, let’s go to that one. Then let’s go to 86.

Kara (00:09:42): You can just, you can just type in the pound sign 86 and then hit enter.

Micky (00:09:49): All right.

Kara (00:09:54): It’s about halfway down is where, and this was long time ago cause this was Rohit not Isha.

Micky (00:10:05): Oh, I got you. Rohit may have not known about the excerpt section.

Kara (00:10:11): The comment is tallking about the second…

Micky (00:10:13): [Inaudible}

Kara (00:10:13): … Yeah. The comment talking about second heading was done on 10/10.

Chris (00:10:16): Well, that’s going to be, wow. This is a long ticket. Who did this ticket? It’s a monster. Okay. So I’m seeing 10/5 but then it jumps to 11/16. [inaudible]…

Kara (00:10:38): 10/1 I’m sorry, 10/1.

Chris (00:10:38): Oh. Okay. Gosh, this is a monster ticket. Okay. I added the second heading and removed the lines as you suggested in beta.

Micky (00:10:48): Okay. So what he’s done…here’s what I would recommend. I would send a ticket to Isha and I would link to this ticket and tell her that We’ll go ahead and create it together. We’ll create it right now.

Chris (00:11:12): Okay.

Micky (00:11:12): And then here’s the subject I would give it, I would say “replace second header with excerpt”. All right. And then say a dear Isha. In talking with Micky, He believes Rohit may have created…

Kara (00:11:47): You won’t be able to tag him…

Micky (00:11:48): Yeah, he’s no longer…

Kara (00:11:48): …So You don’t have to do the “@”.

Micky (00:11:49): … In the system. So Rohit, former developer may have created the second heading field. Micky suggests we not use this field, but instead use the excerpt. Can you program the pages that currently use the second heading field to instead use the excerpt field in its place? “Question Mark (?)” And then say once you’ve done that move the text from the second heading field to the excerpt, so we do not lose that- that content. Thanks. Chris. And you may want to put like you may want to add, let’s go ahead and add an example. Can you put a link for that story where you’re pulling this? The one you were just talking about?

Chris (00:13:34): Should I also say see ticket number 86?

Micky (00:13:37): Yeah. There you go, see ticket number 86 and you can do number sign 86 for where Rohit created this field.

Chris (00:13:50): Okay. And then you said

Micky (00:13:53): Yup.

Chris (00:13:55): … Give her an example.

Micky (00:13:56): Yeah, that one page you had that one page you just had was a great example. Yep. That one right there. Click on that one and copy that link and say “here’s an example page where the second header is being used instead of the excerpt”.

Chris (00:14:27): Having to undo the problems the junior developer created.

Micky (00:14:40): Hmh yeah. Probably- the problem is, I don’t want to beat Rohit up too bad because nobody knows about the extra field. Do they, Kara?

Kara (00:14:47): No, they don’t.

Chris (00:14:47): Okay.

Micky (00:14:51): Like it is the most under utilized field. I think WordPress should enable it by default. They don’t. But excerpt, like, for example, TheHopeLine just started using excerpt. They have never used it before. And they’d been using WordPress for years. And me and Kara…they were telling us what they were doing and they wanted a custom field and we were like, hh, I’d use the excerpt field. And we’re like, what’s excerpt field? And the excerpt field is a summary of the page. It’s an excerpt.

Kara (00:15:21): Right. And that would also be used if you ever started doing like FAQ pages, like what they’re doing where you’re like answering a question and you want to show it up in the FAQ, like as a question on Google.

Micky (00:15:36): That’s how me and Kara found it was excerpt. Was we found it, when we were building out the FAQ section. How it was actually me that found it one day, I was like, we- we were buying these, we were testing these plugins for FAQs. And someone in a comment said, why don’t you just use the exerpt section for your FAQ? And I was like, excerpt section, okay. Where is this? So I go and look, and I tell Kara. Kara did, you know, there’s an excerpt field? That was just like three, four months ago. So really new for us. So Rohit…It may not have even existed back then. It may be so new that, you know, we don’t know.

Chris (00:16:14): Yeah. Gotcha.

Micky (00:16:15): But it’s one of those things, WordPress has so many features that if they enabled everything, you would not know how to use it.

Chris (00:16:23): Yeah. Yup. Well.

Micky (00:16:30): Oh here. Oh. Back to your photo.

Chris (00:16:31): Yeah. So look at this. I mean, I’m like, why is that full…

Micky (00:16:36): Yeah, let’s go where Kara said to go. Kara, could you tell us where we go to see that preview?

Chris (00:16:42): Oh, wait a minute, what’s going on here?

Kara (00:16:45): Yeah. I need to go to the edit post, I think.

Chris (00:16:49): And you know, this is another issue like, so watch, if I go to visual, it’s going to take this fig caption. I spend hours of my life wasted on fig caption crap.

Micky (00:17:04): Yeah. So let’s, we’ll- we’ll put a pin in the one Kara is going to show us. Let’s- let’s look at fig caption because I want to see, so- so- go ahead and copy it so you have it.

Chris (00:17:14): Yeah.

Micky (00:17:15): Okay. And switch over to your visual and let’s look at it.

Chris (00:17:20): And this, you know, I, yeah. It’s- it’s due in big part to my ignorance.

Micky (00:17:26): Yeah. Yeah. We can take a look at that because so right there, you that’s the way you want it to look, right?

Chris (00:17:34): Yeah. That’s right. And I mean…

Micky (00:17:36): Let me take a screenshot of that, just so I have it. Okay.

Chris (00:17:38): Yeah. Maybe, Maybe there’s a different format. I mean, maybe that’s…

Micky (00:17:41): That what I’m thinking. So now switch back over to your page.

Chris (00:17:46): Okay.

Micky (00:17:48): And show us how you break it.

Chris (00:17:51): Okay. Sure. So I go to edit and then if I just go to visual.

Micky (00:17:55): Okay. And now if you go back to text and you make any changes, it’s see gone.

Micky (00:18:01): It’s gone. Okay. So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go back to text and I want you to erase “Jessica: Wife of Cancer Survivor”. Yep. Let’s just leave that. Okay. And switch back over to visual. I want to see what it looks like. Alright. Now I want you to right…I want you to click on that picture. And then go to edit where that pencil is. And I want you to put in that caption field, I want you to paste. Just paste.

Chris (00:18:40): Oh, why is it not?

Micky (00:18:43): Oh, go ahead and type out what it was you wanted to say. Do you remember it?

Chris (00:18:46): Yeah.

Micky (00:18:46): I got a screenshot of it. “Jessica: Wife of Cancer Survivor.” Alright, now go ahead and let’s save that or whatever the.

Chris (00:19:02): Update.

Micky (00:19:03): Yes.

Chris (00:19:04): Okay.

Micky (00:19:05): Okay. Now switch back over to text. I just want to see what the text says.

Chris (00:19:11): Sure.

Micky (00:19:11): Alright. Caption. All right. It’s doing a…okay, go ahead. And let’s preview that and see what you think of it.

Chris (00:19:25): Oh, okay. Preview it. Hmm.

Micky (00:19:33): I think that’s how you’re supposed to do that.

Chris (00:19:35): Oh, so I keep asking Isha to do something that…

Micky (00:19:42): You could do.

Chris (00:19:42): Yeah. Just kind of clunky the way I’m asking it, maybe. Is there a way to not make that bold?

Micky (00:19:52): You would have to get her to do that.

Chris (00:19:54): Oh, okay.

Micky (00:19:56): Ain’t that the way it goes? It’s like I get with one way, the one you have to take away with the other.

Kara (00:20:00): But she should be able to change that across the board…

Micky (00:20:03): Yes.

Kara (00:20:05): …In CSS to where anytime you had a caption, it would not be bold. She would just have to change it in CSS.

Chris (00:20:11): Okay. Cause it’s probably distracting that it’s bold isn’t it?

Micky (00:20:16): Yeah. I don’t think it should be bold. I wish. I mean, yeah. I don’t think it should be.

Chris (00:20:21): Yeah.

Micky (00:20:22): But WordPress for some reason wants it bold.

Chris (00:20:26): Yeah. Okay. So I’ll just ask her to, to change the how would I best do that? We’re working through tickets here.

Micky (00:20:35): Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. We’ll create it. Go ahead and create a new ticket.

Chris (00:20:38): Which honestly, Mickey was why your video was so much better. You know?

Micky (00:20:41): I appreciate that.

Chris (00:20:41): You know I, I just think it’s like you gave, I’m like, this is the real world. This is exactly what all your, you know, your Product Owners do.

Micky (00:20:50): Yes.

Chris (00:20:50): And when you state it, so clearly it’s like, you know, here, I’m going to show you how to work out, to work through these three example tickets. I’m like, yeah. That just immediately grabbed me. Cause that’s what I’m doing. And that’s what we do when we meet, you know?

Micky (00:21:03): Yes, yes. I thought that, so what happened is people would see me create a ticket and they’ll go, man, you create it just like that. Like, you know exactly what to ask and how to ask it and what it is because a lot of people want to explain it from their perspective and you want to communicate it from the developer’s perspective. And the developer, but- but at the same time, people overexplain and you just, you…like, for example, let me show you this ticket. So create a new ticket and say “Make caption section not bold”.

Chris (00:21:41): Okay.

Micky (00:21:42): Okay. So now go to go to that page where you had it bold and take a screenshot of that.

Chris (00:21:50): Okay.

Micky (00:21:52): Yup. And just click and there you go. And draw an arrow to it.

Chris (00:21:58): Oh, whoops. Wrong way.

Micky (00:22:04): Yeah. I’ll do that all the time. Myself too.

Chris (00:22:08): I always forget.

Micky (00:22:09): I always start with it and then I’m like, wait. Okay. So take a screenshot of that and then come back over to the new ticket that you just created and I’ll show you something. And say, it’ll be the other one you created a think.

Chris (00:22:26): I think I have two of them open.

Micky (00:22:28): You can just say leave. All right. Say” Dear Isha”.

Chris (00:22:31): Oh come on. What did I do? I broke

Micky (00:22:43): It may be…Sometimes Zoom messes with these forms. “Micky Showed me how to add my own captions to images”. “However, They show up bold like below”. “Please Make this not bold. Thanks”. And that’s literally all you have to say. Yup. There you go.

Chris (00:23:27): Okay, great. Okay.

Micky (00:23:30): And then just press create and see what you’re doing here is you’re explaining to her everything, you know, that she needs to know. Does that make sense?

Chris (00:23:43): Yeah

Micky (00:23:43): But you’re telling her how to do her job. You’re just saying Micky showed me how to do captions and images, but they’re bold. Make it not bold. And she will go in there. So the technical thing she has to do is update the CSS for captions under images. And, but she’ll know, oh, Micky showed him how to do it. He’s must change, he must be changing the way he’s doing it. I must’ve did it a different way. She’s using probably the programmers way for captions you’re using the WordPress way. And by you explaining it to her, she’ll figure it out.

Chris (00:24:19): Hmm.

Kara (00:24:19): And what you’ll want to do whenever you test that is you’ll want to test that on a couple of posts, like update an image with another caption. So that it’s a new image and then make sure it’s not bold so that you know that she’s doing it across the board and not just on one image one.

Chris (00:24:36): Sure. Sure. That’s great.

Micky (00:24:38): I’ll show you something else. Chris, go back to that image and I’ll show you something you may be missing that is very valuable. So go and edit this post again. All right and highlight that image, switch back over to visual. All right. And if you scroll up look at the, did, did the caption go away again?

Kara (00:24:59): It did.

Chris (00:25:02): I don’t know if we pushed update, did we just not, or did I [inaudible]

Micky (00:25:05): [Inaudible] there’s a few.

(00:25:10): Let’s try that again. Let’s test that.

Chris (00:25:13): I got too many of these open. Um.

Micky (00:25:14): Let’s close, let’s close everything else other than that one.

Chris (00:25:17): Should I just close them all and just start over on it.

Micky (00:25:20): Yeah, let’s do that.

Chris (00:25:22): Okay.

Micky (00:25:26): Because I noticed when you switched back it lost the caption, cause that may be another ticket we need to do.

Chris (00:25:33): Oh, I see. It’s a fig caption still.

Micky (00:25:36): Yeah. Let’s go and edit it. Yeah. So we must not have saved it.

Chris (00:25:40): Yeah.

Micky (00:25:41): All right. So go and hit that. Let’s type in the caption. Up there at the top before you press, do you see where it says all text?

Chris (00:25:54): Yes.

Micky (00:25:55): I would put “Photo of Jessica wife of cancer survivor”. And the reason you always want to complete your alt- alternative texts is that so that blind people will know what that photo is of. And the reason it’s important is Google wants you to fill out all your alternative text.

Kara (00:26:23): And also if you can include your keyword in that it’s better too. Google likes that even better.

Chris (00:26:29): “Photo Of Jessica wife of cancer survivor” and, or should I say “wife and caregiver of cancer survivor”?

Micky (00:26:36): There you go. “Wife And caregiver of cancer surivor”.

Chris (00:26:39): Should I do? I mean, cause it’s like really a caregiver, but it’s a cancer caregivers a keyword.

Micky (00:26:46): Oh, there you go. Cancer caregiver. Life and cancer caregiver of cancer of- of…

Chris (00:26:52): Cancer survivor?

Micky (00:26:53): Of cancer survivor. I like that.

Chris (00:26:55): I mean, it’s a lot, but I mean that’s it accurately describes it.

Micky (00:26:59): Exactly. Let’s go ahead and press update and see. All right. Let’s scroll down and see how the caption looks. Okay. So go ahead and press update and let’s make sure this updates.

Chris (00:27:11): And then I’ll probably have to get rid of the fig caption.

Micky (00:27:13): Yeah.

Chris (00:27:15): Okay. So just go ahead and delete this.

Micky (00:27:18): Yup.And then go ahead and press update again. And then let’s make sure that we can switch between text and visual and that, that caption stays there. All right. So I see the caption we come back captions there, which yup. Let’s go view the post. Yup. Perfect.

Chris (00:27:40): Okay.

Micky (00:27:40): Okay. So that works. Okay. So and- and so the two things we did there was we showed you how to add your own captions. So you don’t have to get Isha to do that anymore. And we showed you how to add the alt text, which needs to include your keyword.

Chris (00:27:54): Sure.

Micky (00:27:54): Yup.

Chris (00:27:55): That’s great. That’s really helpful. Cause I need to, Kara knows I I’ve been dinking around with the alt- alt texts and I need to just do it. That’s that’s helpful though. Cause yeah. I just need to explain this. Yeah. So I would say like her name and then yeah….yeah the keyword. So another problem here I’m working through is like…

Micky (00:28:20): Well, before we can we, can we go back to the Facebook problem first before we [inaudible]

Chris (00:28:24): Yeah. Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it.

Micky (00:28:25): Yeah. Press edit post and let’s look at something real fast.

Chris (00:28:29): Okay. So Kara I do, I ha- I haven’t actually seen this, but Kara is describing for you that Yoast will show you a preview of what your Facebook posts will look like. So.

Kara (00:28:39): You want to hit social and then Facebook.

Chris (00:28:45): That’s right.

Kara (00:28:49): And then you can actually change out that image so you can update a Facebook image. So it’s strictly for Facebook and it’s not going to change your post page.

Chris (00:29:02): So it needs to be, and this is a desktop we’re looking at, right? A desktop version or actually, no, this is the mobile, because if you remember, the desktop is like cut off.

Micky (00:29:15): Yeah. Let’s scroll up and see what you’re looking at. Switch over to SEO where it says, SEO, scroll down. Do you see right there where it says mobile, this is Google’s preview. So you get a mobile result and a desktop result, but they’re not giving you a Facebook one. Let’s see what the desktop…Okay. Mobile. Okay. So now switch back over to the Facebook one.

Kara (00:29:40): Actually, you know, what could just be for sharing and not necessarily how it shows up on your timeline. Now that I look at it.

Chris (00:29:49): Hmm.

Micky (00:29:50): Um. Yeah, they’re showing you the mobile preview of Facebook I think.

Chris (00:30:01): Yeah.

Micky (00:30:04): Let me…you know, there was a, there’s a website I found the other day that was related to this. Let me see if I can think of it. I think I may have downloaded their plugin.

Chris (00:30:23): I know I’ve worked through this type of problem before cause I mean, I’ve been doing this with Facebook a lot, but I, I cannot for the life of me…I don’t know what I did different. That makes it look bad like this.

Micky (00:30:35): Yeah. I remember it was a Metta…Metatags, go to I have never used this site, but I saw it the other day and I can’t believe I just remembered. I remembered it. So what they do is they’ll show you what the meta-tags will look like on different social platforms. So paste that URL for that page up there where it says And press enter. Okay. So that’s what it looks like for Google. So over there where it says Facebook click on the Facebook link and see what it shows over there.

Micky (00:31:27): I’m clicking, it’s not me doing anything.

Micky (00:31:31): Scroll up to the top. Do you see where it says Google Channels? And it says Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Micky (00:31:38): Yeah.

Micky (00:31:39): Click on Facebook. So. Man, they’re not. . .It’s Still showing Google.

Chris (00:31:50): Oops. I see. Okay. Well that’s Twitter. Well, why is it not . . .

Micky (00:31:58): It’s still showing a preview for Twitter. I mean for Google.

Chris (00:32:02): Oh, I think you got to click them to get rid of it.

Micky (00:32:04): Oh, I got you. I got you.

Chris (00:32:05): Oh, it says generate meta-tags. Why would I want. . .

Micky (00:32:10): I don’t know. Okay, this may not be any good.

Chris (00:32:14): No problem. I wonder why is it that’s so crazy why it’s pulling… What’s even more maddening is that it’s not doing this with other ones.

Micky (00:32:30): It just does it with that one.

Chris (00:32:32): Yeah. And I’ll show you like.

Micky (00:32:35): Let’s go look at another one.

(00:32:36): I do. . .I’ll Tell you, images will take up a lot of your time because everyone handles images differently. They all do. Twitter is different than LinkedIn. Linkedin is different than Facebook. They have different ratios they want.

Chris (00:32:55): Yeah, I’ve noticed that it’s kind of a minefield.

Micky (00:33:03): Yes.

Chris (00:33:03): I- I-, you know, you kind of learn to use a couple of different things. Like I’m learning how to deal with MailChimp and all that. But if a photographer was ever like “don’t alter my image at all”, I’d be hosed.

Micky (00:33:15): Yeah.

Chris (00:33:15): Because everything alters it.

Micky (00:33:18): What I do is I only use images and my photographer that we use, Layla uses, I buy all the rights to any photo I have.

Chris (00:33:26): Yeah.

Micky (00:33:27): I only use photos that I have commercial editing rights to.

Chris (00:33:31): I I was pretty much given all the photos for Hope Has Arrived and so he just, he hasn’t complained yet so.

(00:33:37): So so here’s one, that’s a little different. Here’s this one I did. I mean, it does these long photos like that. What would that be? That’d be

Micky (00:33:55): 16:9.

Chris (00:33:55): 16:9. That’s so weird.

Micky (00:33:58): Yeah. That may be Facebook’s face…now. I’ll- I’ll-, I’ll give you an example. Like when you get in the videos, if you create videos, I’ve been dealing with this right now, that video I sent you yesterday. The video I created at the time before was not a 16:9, but instead a 4:3, I think, or something in between that. And some, some don’t like it, they create these black bars. And so I have to change my monitor resolution to a 16:9, which cuts off the top and the bottom. But it’s it’s to make force that video in a 16:9 ratio.

Chris (00:34:35): Yeah.

Micky (00:34:36): And I noticed Macbook just released their Macbook pro and a 16 inch to make it have a 16:9 ratio.

Chris (00:34:47): Oh really?

Micky (00:34:48): Yeah. That’s why they switched from a 15 inch to 16 inch.

Chris (00:34:52): Wow. That’s inteeresting.

Micky (00:34:53): S- so I tell you that because 16:9 is becoming. . .it Used to be 4:3 was the ratio. Now everything has to be a 16:9 ratio. So like, if we look at her photo, like her photo is not a 16:9. Her photo is more like a 9:16.

Chris (00:35:16): Yeah.

Micky (00:35:17): And so what you may want to do. . .so Let’s- let’s go- let’s do you have the original image?

Chris (00:35:23): Yes I do. And I actually like right now, I think this isn’t this isn’t this a a one by or not a one by one, but what’s that.

Kara (00:35:33): It’s- it’s more of a square one. Yeah, 1:1.

Chris (00:35:36): Yeah. I think that’s I did- I did the square was because um here I can get the image.

Micky (00:35:41): Yeah, let’s go. Let’s go swap this out. And if you want to, we can post it somewhere else on Facebook and see if this fixes it.

Chris (00:35:49): Yeah.

Micky (00:35:49): What I’ve decided to do is I only use 16:9 and then, the service can cut it down to a 16 to a 1:1 if they want to.

Chris (00:36:04): So look, I have, so I have that version and I have a square. Maybe I need to use this one.

Micky (00:36:13): You know what maybe…

Kara (00:36:13): That would probably make it look worse.

Micky (00:36:18): Because that, that is more. . .let’s Look at the, let’s go right click and do information. We’re going to geek out here. Do get info.

Chris (00:36:29): Cause I’ll show you like when I’ve done this with other ones, they and they’re, and they’re a lot of them are kind of the I don’t know the ratio, but they’re, they’re vertical. They’re vertical photos and they’re pulling fine.

Micky (00:36:42): Yeah. Let’s scroll down and see what the ratio is on this one. So does Mac not tell you what the ratio is?

Chris (00:36:52): What the heck.

Micky (00:36:52): Oh there it is, there it is scroll, scroll up. So this is a 13. This is a 3024 by 4,032. Okay. So.

Chris (00:37:06): So 3:4, right?

Micky (00:37:07): That, that, that looks like a 3:4. Not a 16:9 because, but you’d have to. So if we divided it by a thousand each that would be four. Yup. Yeah. It’s a three to four. Yup. You’re right. That’s a three to four ratio. Or, or yeah, three to four ratio.

Chris (00:37:24): Close anyway. Yeah.

Micky (00:37:26): Close. You may want to, you. . .let’s Do this. Let’s- let’s open that photo. Did you open it somewhere where you, you won’t mess with the original?

Chris (00:37:43): I think I just need to make a copy, right?

Micky (00:37:45): Yeah. I would make a copy.

Chris (00:37:49): Do I do that again. Copy image, okay.

Micky (00:37:51): Yep. And then just right click and paste.

Chris (00:37:58): Okay. Here we go. Alright.

Micky (00:38:00): Okay. So right, click on that and open it. What do you use for your photo editing?

Chris (00:38:05): I Snagit.

Micky (00:38:07): Snagit’s good. I use Snagit all the time, so let’s open it in Snagit editor.

Chris (00:38:11): Oh, well.

Micky (00:38:13): You may do “open with” is what I look for.

Chris (00:38:15): Okay, that’s right.

Micky (00:38:16): And then go to Snagit. Here we go. Okay. So here’s what we’re going to do. Takin a second.

Chris (00:38:29): Come on. I can drag it in there too can’t I?

Micky (00:38:40): Hit “open editor”. I wonder why it’s not opening.

Chris (00:38:44): Okay.

Micky (00:38:47): Okay. It may be just such a huge photo that it’s. . .

Chris (00:38:50): It’s 2.1 megabytes.

Micky (00:38:50): Okay now let me, let me think how. Let’s go to image menu at the top. I don’t do this every day so I’m trying to remember.

(00:39:04): Yeah let’s try to resize. That won’t work.

Kara (00:39:20): What are you trying to do?

Micky (00:39:22): I want to crop it to a 16:9.

Chris (00:39:29): Is there a different software I should be using with photos?

Micky (00:39:32): The number one is okay I’ll give you my number one and see if Kara’s is different. Photoshop. Kara what’s your number one?

Kara (00:39:44): I would say if you’ve got to do something more elaborate would probably be Photoshop. I mean, I do a lot in Snagit, but I would probably say Photoshop. It takes some getting used to, you’re going to want to look at some classes and stuff, but.

Micky (00:39:59): It takes a cla. . .You Have to, you have to study Photoshop. Now the other day I found a free one. Let me see I posted to Twitter just in case. Actually let me go to Twitter because I posted it on my Twitter. I found one that was a free version of Photoshop that was a little bit more. . .well, Let me go and see what I posted.

(00:40:24): Oh it was an alternative to Movie Maker. It wasn’t Photoshop. Well, let’s see, we look up ftee alternative to Photoshop. I don’t recognize any of these. Do you know any good free alternatives, Kara? What would TheHopeLine want to use?

Chris (00:40:54): Does Can- does Canva do it? I can’t remember if Canva can.

Micky (00:40:58): Oh, Canva may let’s try Canva. Cause I haven’t [inaudible] that before.

Chris (00:41:01): I- I use it all the time for a I’ll show you what I do with it.

Micky (00:41:06): Let’s try it.

Chris (00:41:08): I mean, I do it cause I make these social media things and it’s so easy to use, but I don’t know if they do.

Micky (00:41:15): Like resizing and things?

Chris (00:41:17): I don’t know.

Micky (00:41:17): I know people use them to create stuff. I’ll do a quick Google and see if Canva. . .

Chris (00:41:24): I don’t know if it does.

Micky (00:41:26): “Canva Resize image”.

Chris (00:41:29): “Graphic Design basics”.

Micky (00:41:45): See if you came up. . .

Kara (00:41:46): Hey Micky, have you heard of Adobe Spark? This says this, it can do free photo editing online.

Micky (00:41:52): Ooh, Adobe Spark. I have not heard of a Kara.

Kara (00:41:55): Yeah, if you go to [inaudible] URL, but.

Micky (00:42:02): Oh, it looks like a competitor to Canva.

Chris (00:42:06): Eah.

Unknown (00:42:06): Tim is here.

Chris (00:42:14): Okay. I’m on a phone call right now Elizabeth. Can I, can you tell him, I’ll just call him in a little bit?

Micky (00:42:29): For some reason, it’s asking me for my date of birth, Kara to get into Spark Canva.

Kara (00:42:34): Huh, that’s weird.

Micky (00:42:34): I wonder if they’re selling alcohol too. I’ll give you my date of birth. Okay. Now I’m in it. It says, it says three months free of Spark. Look at its pricing. Oh it’s it’s an individual can use it for free for two months, a team. . .then It cost $9.99 a month. But it says starter plan is free. No credit card pick from. . .so The free plan only gives you free images. That won’t work.

Kara (00:43:17): Okay.

Micky (00:43:20): See if you can Oh, you got a tough one here. This is. . .what You’re, what you’re about to accomplish Chris is, takes an advanced skills.

Chris (00:43:31): Yeah.

Micky (00:43:32): Whether it’s Photoshop or whether it’s Canva. Let me, let me see if I can get Snagit. Let me look up Snagit. I’m going to see if, see if we can figure out Snagit.

Chris (00:43:43): I know when we’ve done it on Snagit before Micky, we’ve done it manually like this.

Micky (00:43:48): Yes.

Chris (00:43:48): But I know that’s a little tough to get 16:9 cause it’s like, I don’t even know. That just sounds hard.

Micky (00:43:55): Yeah. What you’re wanting to do here is we want to crop image. So I’m going to do Snagit crop image to 16:9. Cause we’re, we’re technically wanting to cop- uh crop.

Chris (00:44:06): Yes.

Micky (00:44:08): So image cropping basics. I’m looking here to see how we do it. Go to crop an image is to remove or adjust the outside edges improving the framing or composition or change the size or aspect ratio. Okay. That’s what I want. I want aspect ratio. Alright. 16:9. Or how do you do it? What is the imaging third rules? They kinda got a long. I’m using Snagit. Okay. All right. Let’s see that. Didn’t that article didn’t so do you use Adobe spark? You said I use Adobe Photoshop. Don’t all K’s you guys both use the same one. I mean, do you recommend, do I really do I need to get into that? I don’t, I didn’t really want to get super advanced. I mean, it’s advanced it’s I literally, every time I use Photoshop I have to Google something. Yeah. So let’s try this, go to image and see if they have a crop there. We’re going to figure it out. I didn’t find an article on it, but let’s go to image. Do they have okay, well.

Chris (00:45:40): What does that even mean?

Micky (00:45:41): Crop to canvas. I don’t know what that means.

Chris (00:45:45): That’s not we want.

Micky (00:45:46): Let’s go to. . .can You resize canvas?

Kara (00:45:55): That’s with the rotate, I mean the resize image does I think.

Micky (00:45:57): Oh, does it? Let’s try. Resize image.

Kara (00:46:03): Hold on. Well, I mean you can try that, but.

Chris (00:46:07): Well, the, Oh wait, there is all you can do it right here.

Micky (00:46:10): I think that will distort it though. See like.

Chris (00:46:17): Have you ever been in. . .

Kara (00:46:18): I think you’re right there is. Go ahead. Sorry.

Chris (00:46:23): I dunno if I have this solution either other, except I know when you go here and you use the preview, there are some tools you can adjust the size.

Micky (00:46:33): Yeah. Let’s try to adjust the size go to, well, none of those sizes are what we want. We want a 16:9 ratio.

Chris (00:46:51): Yeah maybe this isn’t going to do it.

Micky (00:46:53): Yeah that won’t do it.

Chris (00:46:54): Okay, I’ll go back to Snagit.

Micky (00:46:56): So let me- send me the- send me the image.

Chris (00:47:00): Sure.

Micky (00:47:00): And I’ll show you, let me share with you on my screen. We’re going to geek out here and I’m going to show you Photoshop. All right. Let me go ahead and share with you my screen.

Chris (00:47:10): Okay. I’m gonna send this to, okay. Whoops. It didn’t let me, it didn’t let me send it.

Micky (00:47:23): Is it too too big? Let’s do this.

Chris (00:47:27): Well it didn’t cause I think you- you did your screen so it wouldn’t let me let me finish it.

Micky (00:47:34): Oh, let me stop share.

Chris (00:47:35): Alright. Oh, here we go. Okay. Let’s see here, is that and where is that? Here we go. Okay. All right. We’re good. So now you can.

Micky (00:47:49): Okay. I’ll share with you my screen and I’m going to do Photoshop.

Chris (00:47:51): Yup.

Micky (00:47:52): I’m an amateur Photoshop person. So just know.

Chris (00:47:59): Here’s the expert.

Micky (00:48:02): So let’s see. All right. Let’s see. There it comes. Okay. So I’m going to take this photo. File save as and I’m going to save it under my downloads. Save. Alright. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to Photoshop. So here is Photoshop. And it is a big program, it takes a while to load.

Chris (00:48:42): Yeah. When I worked at a magazine on the photographers would use this and they would spend hours and you know, they got, obviously they were very proficient, but they were professional level photographers.

Micky (00:48:53): Yeah. So if I go to downloads I’m going to open your image, so Photoshop will open it. Okay. So what Photoshop does really good is, I mean, you can really geek out with some of this stuff. I mean, I can make you look like a model with Photoshop. But what I want to do is I want to crop it. So here’s the cropping tool and what the cropping tool will allow me to do is let’s see, adjust. Let’s see. Let’s see. I’m gonna have to Google. “Crop Photo in Photoshop to 16:9 aspect ratio. Okay. How do I, they all want to show me a video. “Cropping, Exact size in Photoshop”. They only show videos. Okay. So, okay, a tool option. Change the option width by height resolution, the tool option tools, options. Okay. Let me undo this exit out of this. “In The tools option bar”. Tools, option bar. Tools.

(00:50:20): So it’s got tools turned on, now I’ve got to find tools. If you all see tools, let me know where it’s at. Am I missing it? Let me turn it off and turn it back on. Okay. It’s over here. Okay. So this must be called tools. Let’s expand it or not. Okay. At the top. “Change The option to W x H x resolution”. Okay. So here we go. Ratio. Oh, there it is. Do you see it?

Chris (00:51:08): Yeah.

Micky (00:51:09): 16:9. Okay. So what it will do is it will allow me to crop it. Now here’s the problem, do you see how this image isn’t wide enough for 16 by nine?

Chris (00:51:20): Ooh.

Micky (00:51:24): So that’s all I can do. It’s not a big enough image to get a 16:9.

Chris (00:51:28): But at least it’d be. . .at Least it’ll

Micky (00:51:37): But at least you control it

Chris (00:51:40): At least. . .Yeah. You’ll get the best. . .I Mean, you’ll be able to not just see someone with her forehead cut off.

Micky (00:51:46): Now what Photoshop will do. Photoshop can get real fancy. You can take Photoshop, like let’s say for example, I want it to go past the brick. So this is where you can get real fancy with Photoshop. So we’re going to do this. Okay. So let’s say, what do you think about that crop right there?

Chris (00:52:08): It’s better.

Micky (00:52:10): Okay. So I’m gonna say okay, so we cropped it. Now, what Photoshop will do is it will scientifically fill in the missing pieces.

Chris (00:52:19): Really?

Micky (00:52:19): So let’s go try this Photoshop fill in missing background.

Chris (00:52:26): So it’s going to take the bricks and expand them?

Micky (00:52:28): It’s supposed to. It’s called Content-Aware Patching. Okay. Go to the spot Heal, select the patch tool. Okay. So, so I’ve got to go over here to the “Spot Healing” you always have to hunt for these things. Okay. Here’s the spot heal. That’s not this. Oh, no. Here it is. Here’s the spot heal. Okay. “Spot Healing” brush and get the patch tool. Okay. Let’s get the patch tool, okay got it. In the options. Bar “Content Aware”. Okay. “Content Aware”. Choose “Content Aware”, set the value between one and seven to specify how closely to match it should reflect the existing. If you select seven, the patch adheres very strongly. Okay. So I want to seven. Alright.

(00:53:26): Color should be one to 10. Specified the exact apply. If you enter zero, the blending is disabled. A color of 10 applies maximum. So we want zero. Okay. Select the area to replace in the image. You can use patch to draw a section. All right. We’re going to try it. We’re going to draw a section. I’m just going to draw like right here.

Chris (00:53:52): Okay.

Micky (00:53:54): Okay. And start drawing. Let’s see do I need to- do I need to do anything?

(00:54:15): Oh, you know what? Maybe I’m supposed to do this. And then I don’t know. Okay. Let me see. Select the area to replace the image. You use the patch to draw a section or use any other section tools as well. Draw the section over the area you want to generate a fill from.

Kara (00:54:39): I think you’re supposed to select, you know, make the selection of the brick and then drag it over to the blank area. Now you wanna, you want to make a selection of the brick.

Micky (00:54:49): I got you. I got you and the drag that.

Kara (00:54:52): And then drag that, yeah.

Micky (00:54:56): Oh, I think you’re right Kara.

Chris (00:54:57): It’s working.

Kara (00:54:58): No?

Chris (00:55:05): Photoshop do it, Photoshop.

Micky (00:55:07): Let me, let me grab a different one. I’m gonna grab, can I, can I let’s try this. I may need to use a, let me try this.

Micky (00:55:34): There you go.

Chris (00:55:35): Oh. You did it. Yeah.

Micky (00:55:37): I think.

Chris (00:55:39): I’m sure trying to line that up with the wall is tough but, um.

Micky (00:55:43): Let me try hitting enter. Okay. There’s gotta be… I’m missing some step. Content aware move. How about this? Use the content aware move tool to select and move part of the picture. The image is recomposed and the hole left behind this field using matching elements. Okay. Let me go and see if, let me go see a okay. Here’s one. Let’s watch this video.

Micky (00:56:49): How’d they do that. Did you see that?

Chris (00:56:51): Yeah. That’s pretty crazy.

Micky (00:57:08): That’s pretty slick. I don’t know how they did it, but. Okay. Let’s go. Okay. So what they did was…exit out of this. Let’s go to layers. Let’s add a new layer. I don’t know why that selection is still there. Okay. So somehow.

Micky (00:58:08): Let’s see. Let me go watch another video. Tutorial, how to miss parting of a photo. Let’s see if this one.

(00:58:26): Some of these people don’t talk.

(00:58:40): So they don’t talk. I don’t know what they’re doing. Let’s go to videos.

Chris (00:58:55): I mean, I’m, clearly it can do it. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it.

Micky (00:59:01): Yes.

(00:59:04): So here’s, this is

Micky (00:59:27): Trying to remove the car.

Micky (01:00:25): Okay, so let’s try that. So he said go to your layer, hit command J so I’m gonna do that. Okay. So I got another one. And then he said command L or did, did he say command L? He said.

Kara (01:00:40): I think it was just L.

Micky (01:00:40): He said get the lasso tool.

Kara (01:00:45): Yeah, I think you could just hit L.

Micky (01:00:47): L. Alright, L. Oh, look at you. You’re you know this stuff Kara. Okay. So I’m gonna, I’m going to grab, I’m gonna- I’m gonna circle around all of this. Alright. Got it. And then he said go to content fill, all right edit.

Kara (01:01:04): Hit delete.

Micky (01:01:05): Fill and then press “ok”. Let’s see how good it does. That was terrible. Alright let’s try it again. But I want to change some of my stuff. I may get a bigger, lasso, I’m going to go into this section. Let me go like this. So it gets more of that section.

(01:01:40): Okay. And then I’m gonna go to him and see edit, fill and color adaption. I’m gonna turn the color adaption off. That didn’t work too good. See that one? Why did it do a much better job?

Kara (01:02:13): I wonder if it, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you have something there not just like the transparent background?

Micky (01:02:20): Yeah.

(01:02:41): here filling empty background. But Chris this is what you have to do with Photoshop. You spend a lot of time watching videos.

Chris (01:02:52): Yeah.

Micky (01:03:00): Did you hear what he just said?

Chris (01:03:01): What?

Micky (01:03:02): A common problem with websites is the images have to be the same height and width.

Chris (01:03:07): Yeah.

Micky (01:03:08): And so.

Chris (01:03:15): Yeah. I want the poor man’s version of Adobe Photoshop, the strip down. That’s just, that’s what I like about Canva. It’s like, oh my gosh, it’s amazing. Like, I don’t have to be a designer and I can do it.

Micky (01:03:28): Yes.

Chris (01:03:29): You know? Gosh, I mean, I, I see the potential here. It’s it’s crazy what you can do.

Micky (01:03:38): Okay. So here’s the photo he has a problem with.

Micky (01:03:43): He needs to make it 16. He needs to make it wider.

(01:03:56): Oh, he’s going to put two pictures together.

(01:04:33): Look at what it did. How come mine doesn’t do that? Like, that’s pretty awesome. I’m gonna, I’m gonna try it over here. He said, use the square tool. So I’m going to use it. And then what did he say? He said hit.

(01:04:51): Shift and delete is what he did shift and delete. Okay. I think I’m using the same thing.

(01:05:14): Wonder why it’s doing that. Shift and delete. It’s almost like I’m selecting the wrong thing. Like my mode is wrong.

Chris (01:05:38): So if I’m understanding all of this correctly, Facebook is pulling and doing 16:9 photos.

Micky (01:05:47): Yes.

Chris (01:05:48): And so the fact that it’s been going well for the most part is I’ve been getting lucky with the photos.

Micky (01:05:55): Yes.

Chris (01:05:56): But in the future, I mean, as like I’m hitting on this one, it’s just a well how…So like, I mean, even the photo I have right now, it would currently if- if- if it would only frame it right it would look good enough for me.

Micky (01:06:18): Exactly. Yeah.

Chris (01:06:19): But why can’t I have any control about what part of the photo Facebook shows?

Micky (01:06:24): I do not know. Hmm. I do not. I- I should look.

Kara (01:06:31): Facebook isn’t going to allow that. I mean, TheHopeLine I struggled with that for a year.

Chris (01:06:36): Really?

Kara (01:06:39): And they’re probably like Google that, you know, they don’t want to give that much control over to the people.

Micky (01:06:48): I’m gonna try it again. I’m gonna try doing it twice to not feel because there’s not enough source in the…Maybe, you know, he rasterized. Did you see that he raserized the image?

Kara (01:07:02): Yeah.

Micky (01:07:03): I wonder what that means?

Kara (01:07:09): I think usually what it means is like, if there are let me look it up real quick.

Chris (01:07:16): I was going to say it doesn’t sound good.

Micky (01:07:19): I know, it’s one of those, like, we don’t know what that means.

Kara (01:07:23): Okay. Convert an image stored as an online into pixels that can be displayed on a screen or printed. Converse the layer to pixels.

Micky (01:07:40): So let’s I guess I got rest. Cause I did how to rasterize.

Kara (01:07:46): You can right click on it.

Micky (01:07:48): On the image?

Kara (01:07:49): Yeah. Well actually on the layer I think.

Micky (01:07:52): Okay. Right click on the layer. Maybe I need to release from isolation first. Let’s release from isolation. Oh wait, and then release from isolation

Kara (01:08:16): Cause see, it’s greyed out. Like if you right, click it, the rasterize is greyed out.

Micky (01:08:23): Maybe flatten image and then.

Kara (01:08:28): I don’t think the flatten is going to work.

Micky (01:08:31): Let’s see how to rasterize an image. Let’s do a photo in Photoshop. Type, rasterize in the layer shape.

Kara (01:08:52): Okay. This says that if a layer consists solely of pixels, there’s nothing to rasterize and the menu item will be greyed out.

Micky (01:09:00): Oh you know what he did duplicate that. Didn’t he duplicate the layer?

Micky (01:09:09): And then let’s see. Hmm. I just duplicated it. Then I told it to rasterize I think- I think it rasterized now. Okay. Now let me try this.Shift. Delete. Let’s see if it works. Oh, look at that.

Chris (01:09:40): Whoa, nice.

Micky (01:09:42): We’re getting close.

Chris (01:09:43): What did you…Oh, and then went away.

Micky (01:09:46): Yeah. I un did it just to…what I’m gonna do. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna, I wanna, I want to grab more of this brick. We’re like totally geeking out here. How do I get, I want the lasso. So here’s what I want. I want to do like this. I want to come over here or come down here and we’ll go like this. Oops. Let me do that. I want to try to get all this brick. Because I think the bigger, the sample size, the more accurate it is. You see what I’m doing?

Chris (01:10:27): Yeah.

Micky (01:10:30): I’m trying to get all this brick. I’m pretending like I’m a Photoshop photographer expert. I’ve seen enough videos that I know what I’m trying to do. Okay. Now shift delete. Okay. Let’s see how good this looks. Come on. It’s taking a while.

(01:11:09): No, I guess it takes some fine tuning. Oh, let me try this lasso one more time like this. I never know how to get rid of the lasso.

Kara (01:11:20): I think if you hit escape.

Micky (01:11:22): Is it escape? Try it just one side at a time, because. Shift, delete.

Chris (01:11:34): I’ve seen you. I mean the first one you did was amazing and.

Micky (01:11:38): Yeah, that was better. I want to kind of go back to that.

Chris (01:11:41): It just grabbed the face for some reason. I’m not sure why.

Micky (01:11:46): I don’t know why, now I’m trying to hit my shift.

Chris (01:11:49): It did kind of look like an Andy Warhol or something like that.

Micky (01:11:52): I know, it was one of those kinds of arts. Let me do this again. Let’s try it. Let’s go down here. Let’s try it like this and then shift delete. Well, now I’m not getting my del- now I’m not getting my fill anymore. It’s like I’ve done here. . .

Kara (01:12:07): Do you have your Layer selected?

Micky (01:12:09): Let me go back, yeah, maybe that’s problem. Alright. You know what? That may okay, now shift delete. Yup. That’s what it is, Kara. You have to be, you have to select the okay. That’s getting closer. It did still pick up I wonder no . . . Like watch this, I’m going to take this and I’m just going to select that and I’m going to keep doing it and seeing if it gets rid of her face. So see what I’m doing? Grab more of this. It’s getting closer. Then it gets far away. Let me try just selecting. Let me try.

(01:13:59): I don’t know. It’s almost like what I could do possibly is take a Photoshop, like take a photo of this copy paste and then just grab that. Then paste that paste another one, paste another one. Put that there, put that here, put that here. Now. Now I really have no idea what I’m doing, but. So, um. This thing’s in my way. So now if I go back to the layers, can I merge my layers together? I don’t know. Hey, Chris but this is Photoshop we can spend all day on there.

Chris (01:15:17): Yeah. Yeah.

Micky (01:15:18): Let me stop share. So I’m not going to be able to make that photo work in a 16:9.

Chris (01:15:26): You know, MailChimp has a, you know, have you ever seen on MailChimp how it has like, and you can select it 16:9 or what? I mean, you, you basically select how you want it to appear in there.

Chris (01:15:40): I mean, I guess maybe I can try and do some research too, cause I- I’ve heard there’s maybe it’s Adobe Spark or something that’s supposed to be a little more simple or, or I don’t know. I mean maybe I gotta go Adobe Photoshop and I just

Micky (01:15:56): I can tell you how much Photoshop costs. Let me look. Kara, didn’t Photoshop have a nonprofit pricing?

Kara (01:16:01): They do. I can’t remember off the top of my head. I can get that for you what it is, but.

Micky (01:16:08): Okay.

Micky (01:16:11): That was through TechSoup wasn’t it?

Micky (01:16:17): Browser catalog.

Kara (01:16:21): I have it in a, in a Jira ticket too that I think I sent it to you.

Micky (01:16:27): Yeah. I was looking to see if they happened to list it on their website, but I think they’ve quoted you didn’t they?

Kara (01:16:34): I just, I logged in with TheHopeLine.

Micky (01:16:37): Oh, did you? Okay. Let’s see. I found it they charge an admin fee of $5 log in. So almost I think I got Kara Anderson at TheHopeLine. I’ll log in.

Kara (01:16:57): I want to say it was like $19.99 or something a month.

Micky (01:17:13): For individuals ,apps plan, access to discount rate. So you have to buy a $5 admin fee and then they charge you above that. Kara, if you could look that up and send that to him I can chat.

(01:17:32): That way you can have, you can figure out what your nonprofit pricing’s going to be, Chris.

Chris (01:17:36): Okay, okay. So I guess that mor- moral of this story, it sounds like you can’t really control what Facebook is going to post with a photo.

Kara (01:17:45): Correct.

Chris (01:17:48): Would it be better if I, I mean, cause I, I still don’t totally understand why it worked before. Is it . . .

Kara (01:17:56): You’re better off to use like [inaudible] versus vertical images.

Micky (01:18:03): Yeah share your screen, Chris. And let’s look at the image you’re talking about from before.

Chris (01:18:07): You said it’s better to use a horizontal?

Kara (01:18:09): Yeah.

Micky (01:18:11): 16:9.

Chris (01:18:13): Okay. let’s see here. Cause like what’s crazy is alright, come on here. Okay. okay. So like uh, I mean I can go to example of some other ones and and again, maybe I just got lucky. You know like, cause like for example, this one was, that’s a square I believe. And then when I went to let’s see here, I mean this one pulled it like this, which it looked fine. It seems like . . .

Micky (01:19:04): Let’s go to that page. See what that page looks like for her.

Chris (01:19:07): Yeah, that’s good. Okay. yeah, hers is vertical and most of them are.

Micky (01:19:15): So. What’s the difference between that one and the other girls?

Kara (01:19:19): You have that original image?

Chris (01:19:24): I do, yes. I have this original image. Do you want me to pull it up?

Kara (01:19:28): Yeah.

Micky (01:19:28): Yeah. Let’s go to that image and look at the ratio.

Chris (01:19:31): I mean, what always happens is like, okay, let’s see here. Here we go.

Kara (01:19:44): So right click on it and do the get info.

Chris (01:19:46): Oops. I’m sorry. I’m not on my . . . Hold on a second here.

Kara (01:19:56): Or do you like the double, two- two finger clicks?

Chris (01:20:00): Yeah, I was a second plugged back in here so I can. Okay. All right. So if I go here and then you said what did you want me to do from here?

Kara (01:20:16): Get info.

Chris (01:20:16): Get info. Okay. All right.

Kara (01:20:22): Okay, well.

Micky (01:20:24): Yeah, that’s a, that’s a, almost two to three, 2:33 to three. So they like that ratio better than the other one.

Chris (01:20:36): And if, you know, if you notice with I did have, what I did is I posted Jessica’s as a square, but I have one that’s more vertical and I wonder if I did it like this, if it would actually show it better?

Micky (01:20:49): You know what that may be. Um. So let’s go to the post and see.

Chris (01:20:55): Because I could replace this with a, I can go to add media. You want me to try that Micky?

Micky (01:21:02): I think so. We may have to repost it to Facebook to see if it works though. That’s the only problem.

Chris (01:21:08): Yeah.

Micky (01:21:09): But

Chris (01:21:12): Crap. Okay. But I know one thing I have to do is adjust the size, cause this is like.

Kara (01:21:20): Hey, um you just actually moved that from that folder. So I just wanted to make sure you had an original copy. Say. . .

Chris (01:21:27): That’s good a call.

Kara (01:21:28): Before you edit that.

Chris (01:21:30): Okay. Let me make sure I, let me put this back in here and then I’ll make a copy. Duplicate. Okay. And then I can move on out of here. Okay. Alright. Thank you. Alright. So tools now, if I adjust the size cause I’m just trying to make it smaller than the two. Cause it needs to be like one or below, right?

Micky (01:21:56): Yeah.

Chris (01:21:58): Okay. Then let’s see here info. So now wait, this is still, that can’t be 2.1 now. Gotta be smaller. Okay. Yeah. All right. So now I’m at a good size here. Okay. Alright. So I put this in here. Thanks for working through this issue with me. This is uh.

Micky (01:22:33): Yeah.

Chris (01:22:34): Okay. So now I need to. . .

Kara (01:22:35): Are you on the, are you on the right post?

Chris (01:22:38): Yeah. Yup.

Kara (01:22:39): Okay.

Chris (01:22:41): And then see here, medium under center.

Micky (01:22:47): And do the, add the caption so you have it.

Chris (01:22:49): Oh yeah, that’s right. So

Kara (01:22:51): And your alt text.

Chris (01:23:07): I can even just do that. I don’t even need you, you know, wife and cancer caregiver.

Micky (01:23:10): Yeah. That’s good.

Chris (01:23:11): Okay. Alright, and then I’ll update this. View the post. Yeah. Okay.

Micky (01:23:24): Now, if you go to your Facebook, can- will Facebook give you a preview? Or will that other post update?

Chris (01:23:33): I don’t think it, I- I.

Kara (01:23:34): Refresh the page.

Chris (01:23:37): Okay. Let’s see that if it’ll. I don’t think it does usually. Alright, come on Zuckerberg.

Micky (01:23:49): I don’t think it does. I think it takes, but you never know.

Chris (01:23:54): Yeah. Alright. It looked didn’t look like it did. Okay. Let’s try this again though. Alright, so now it’s better, but it’s still wide.

Micky (01:24:04): It’s still not great is it? Can they let you adjust it?

Kara (01:24:09): Hit the the settings.

Kara (01:24:13): The little wheel right there. Bottom part of the image.

Chris (01:24:18): Oh, come on Facebook. It’s not doing it. Okay. Let’s see here. Now I want to do this.

Micky (01:24:28): They won’t let you hit the settings?

Chris (01:24:32): Yeah. It’s not. Okay.

Micky (01:24:41): Huh. Let me, I’m going to, I’m going to go take your URL so that one’s cancer caregiver story.

Chris (01:24:51): I mean, that’s certainly better. It’s doable. I mean like I would actually consider running an ad on it. The other one I’m like, it just looked bad, you know?

Micky (01:25:04): Yeah.

Chris (01:25:04): It would affect the click rate.

Micky (01:25:12): I’m looking to see.

Chris (01:25:18): It is interesting how the vertical, it prefers that maybe it’s easier to pull a 16:9 from that.

Micky (01:25:26): Yeah. That’s what I’m looking up. Can you do a Google, Chris and see what? So let’s call it a, I’m assuming that’s like a preview. Do a Google image preview size. I’m sorry, a Facebook image preview size.

Chris (01:25:48): Okay. You use images that are at least 1200 630. Says Facebook image dimensions.

Micky (01:26:02): Yes. What did they say? I noticed, I did a quick search in Google, like Facebook, doesn’t tell you it’s like everyone else tells you. So I’m going to go. I’m going to pretend like I’m posting to Facebook, I’m going to post.

Chris (01:26:25): Facebook cover photos in 16:9. It seems like they’re all about the 16:9.

Micky (01:26:33): So for example, in this case you want this photo, this photo won’t be a 16:9, but you want it to be a 9:16, right? I guess that would work?

Chris (01:26:43): Oh.

Micky (01:26:45): Because it would be taller than it is wider.

Chris (01:26:49): Okay. Taller than it is wider.

Micky (01:26:53): I don’t know if that’d work though. That’s just me. I’m not an expert on images.

Chris (01:26:56): Yeah. No. I mean, this is helpful though.

Micky (01:27:02): Can you replace the image? Do they allow you to post another image? Can you say like hit the “x”. The hit “photo”

Chris (01:27:15): Yeah. You definitely can.

Micky (01:27:17): Then go and like.

Chris (01:27:20): Should I just try that a second? See what it does with that?

Micky (01:27:33): Let’s see it. Doesn’t give you, does it not give you a preview?

Chris (01:27:39): No, here I can just post it. I can, I can erase it. I know some of my followers will see it for a second, but I dunno.

Micky (01:27:44): That’s fine.

Chris (01:27:45): Whatever.

Micky (01:27:47): Let’s just see what it looks like. Maybe you can use a different photo in your post and upload a different photo for Facebook.

Chris (01:27:54): Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Cause you know, I’ve had to do this with other Facebook stuff. Gosh, you’d think I’d be becoming an expert with Facebook, but I- I always feel like there’s more junk to learn every day.

Micky (01:28:10): Oh man. It’s the thing is the more you do it, the more you get used to it, the more you change stuff like this, um. I like, that looks good!

Chris (01:28:21): Only thing is.

Micky (01:28:25): Why wouldn’t you do that every time.

Chris (01:28:28): Maybe that would be better. Is that better?

Micky (01:28:30): I think so.

Chris (01:28:32): You know, I can test- I can test it because the only thing is you see how it’s like really long?

Micky (01:28:38): It’s really long.

Chris (01:28:40): Because what I do is I always put, this isn’t sponsored yet. So if I boosted it, let me see what it’s going to look like.

Micky (01:28:46): See what it looks like. Yeah. Oh, they showed the whole thing.

Chris (01:28:53): Huh? Well, I’ll play with that, Micky. Maybe there’s something to that. I, it sounds like I at least found a, a temporary a temporary fix here. I just need to do vertical ones or actually get a photo that I can crop down to 16:9.

Micky (01:29:11): Yes.

Chris (01:29:14): And then I’m set with that too.

Micky (01:29:16): Yes.

Chris (01:29:17): This I, I’m going to have to repost this is just.

Micky (01:29:19): Can you edit that post? Do they allow you to edit it?

Chris (01:29:22): Yeah, yeah.

Micky (01:29:24): Try editing it. Oh, do they not let you replace the photo? Oh. This is, I’m telling you man. Every one of these places have different rules.

Chris (01:29:37): Yeah they do.

Micky (01:29:39): I don’t know why I don’t. I have not for the life of me. Figure it out. Why Instagram [inaudible]. . .

Kara (01:29:44): You’re posting in a comment.

Chris (01:29:45): Oh.

Kara (01:29:46): Yeah.

Micky (01:29:52): It’s like you need a support group.

Chris (01:29:54): Yeah. You really do.

Micky (01:29:57): How do y’all post this image in Facebook? And then maybe you might want to play, I mean, Photoshop is the last resort because it will take you a lot of time.

Chris (01:30:09): Yeah. Yeah.

Micky (01:30:14): I use Adobe pro- I use a lot of Adobe products, but man, it’s one of those where I don’t open them unless I know I have two hours.

Chris (01:30:21): Yeah.

Micky (01:30:22): Because it will, it will just. . . Cause for you to figure it out takes forever. And you might start. . . Now okay. So for example, open up your Canva again.

Chris (01:30:35): Sure.

Micky (01:30:36): I liked your Canva. Now, have you thought about creating a Canva for your post?

Chris (01:30:43): What do you mean? Like a?

Micky (01:30:45): Instead of using the image that’s in your post, you see how it lets you upload your own image? What if you posted something like that?

Chris (01:30:57): I could try. Yeah. I mean, I could certainly try that. I could test it.

Micky (01:31:03): Does, I- I’ve never used canvas. Is it for creating images?

Chris (01:31:10): Yeah. Well you create uh, is pretty much the poor man’s design software. So like I could have hired a designer like, and I did this once. Hey, create some social media posts for me, you know, a couple of hundred bucks later. I’m like, I can’t do this every time.

Micky (01:31:23): Oh you can’t do it every time. Yeah. That’s crazy.

Chris (01:31:25): You know? And like, this is so ridiculously easy for me to do it. Not that I’m getting anywhere on Instagram really, other than with the ads, but I mean, here’s the tricky part. Like I’m, I’m getting down to 3 cents a click through Facebook.

Micky (01:31:40): Yeah.

Chris (01:31:42): And so, you know, maybe it won’t always be like that, but it’s kinda hard to, hard to.

Micky (01:31:47): What I was thinking is if you could create a canvas image and then instead of using the image from your posts, use the canvas image instead of the, the automatic one.

Chris (01:31:58): Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good, good suggestion. I might, I might just repost this because it’s not a big deal.

Micky (01:32:07): Yeah. I don’t have that many people liking it and I’ll pay them to like it again. I can pay, I can pay for friends.

(01:32:16): That’s funny.

Chris (01:32:19): I don’t need organic. Well, you guys, thanks for helping me work through those issues.

Micky (01:32:25): Yes.

Chris (01:32:27): I, can I ask you a couple more questions?

Micky (01:32:29): Yeah, go ahead.

Chris (01:32:29): Before you go? I know we’re kinda over time here. Well, so another issue is, you know, I still wrestle with this. I did the URL as cancer caregiver’s story. Cause that’s my, that’s my keyword. And then I was going to do this on Facebook because, but it just seems like I was going to change it back. I was going to try and test it. But for some reason, Facebook is pulling what my they’re pulling my URL and not what I, my headline, which I should have known that it’s going to pull that. So I, anyway, I guess I answered my own question with that.

Micky (01:33:05): Yeah, yeah.

Chris (01:33:07): My other, my other thing is I can save it for another call. It was just going to ask you more about like, you know, when kind of looking at the numbers with my dad and kind of where we’re getting, you know, what, we’ve hit a hundred thousand visitors and we’re, we’re having really good time on site and we’re getting, you know, like I’m running four ads right now and there’s somewhere between, you know, one’s getting 3 cents, one’s getting 5 cents, one’s getting 8 cents and one’s getting like 7 cents. And so we’re like, wow, if we just raise the money, we can get up to a million visitors. But I’m like, my question is, I guess I want to talk about that with you guys and say like, yeah, that all sounds nice. But before I add onto the house, I gotta make sure the foundation’s right you know?

Micky (01:33:49): Yeah.

Chris (01:33:51): So maybe we could talk about that another time. Just about like, if I, you know what, before I really started talking about aim you know, what, what kind of things do I need to do now to make sure it’s ready? I mean, one thing you showed today was just a lack of all texts. I mean, there’s a basic thing that needs to happen on every photo and things like that. So.

Micky (01:34:14): Yeah. The one thing I would focus on, I wish there was a great website that would do this, but like Semrush and ahrefs, is it ahrefs who does the authority scores? It’s Semrush?

Chris (01:34:25): Oh.

Micky (01:34:25): It is Moz?

Chris (01:34:27): They all do, but they, I think they let’s see here.

Kara (01:34:30): I think it’s Moz that we looked at.

Micky (01:34:32): Yeah. I think it’s Moz. Go and look at your authority.

Chris (01:34:38): It’s bad. It’s not good. Um, I’ll look it up.

Micky (01:34:43): Yeah. Domain authority. That’s it. Domain authority. Check your domain authority.

Kara (01:34:49): It was the very top link, I think. Okay. You got it.

Chris (01:34:52): Okay. Whoops.

Kara (01:34:57): Go back.

Micky (01:34:58): It was the first one in the list. Scroll up, check your domain authority.

Chris (01:35:04): There it is. Okay. I instinctively don’t like to click on ads. It’s funny.

Micky (01:35:07): I don’t either, but they didn’t give us what we wanted.

Kara (01:35:09): I don’t either.

Chris (01:35:11): Yeah.

Micky (01:35:13): That’s funny.

Chris (01:35:16): Yeah.

Micky (01:35:17): So 12. So what you want to do is get that domain authority, but paying for ads while your domain authority is at 12 is not a bad idea.

Chris (01:35:25): Hmm.

Micky (01:35:27): But you do want that domain authority to keep going up.

Chris (01:35:32): Yeah. I mean, I guess that’s another I mean I guess maybe that’d be for another conversation. We’ve talked about that some, but. Yeah, sometimes I don’t really know what to do next to do that.

Micky (01:35:48): The number one thing is, well, there’s two things. Write new content, always be publishing new articles, always.

Chris (01:35:55): Yup.

Micky (01:35:56): And number two is get backlinks.

Chris (01:36:00): And that has been the trickiest hardest thing because Facebook’s not given me that they’re getting,

Micky (01:36:05): We’re not going to give you credit and YouTube won’t either. And you gotta get what’s called authentic backlinks. And the last time we talked, you were going to check out Backlinko did you ever check them out?

Chris (01:36:18): I need to check it out more. Cause they had some articles about it. Didn’t they?

Micky (01:36:21): Yup. That’s Brian Dean. And uh, he’s the expert on backlinks.

Chris (01:36:28): Sounds like I need to drink that Kool-Aid more.

Micky (01:36:30): Yeah. Yep. Backlinks and content. Content is number one because without content you can’t get backlinks. Um and then backlinks are number two.

Chris (01:36:42): Yeah. That I’ll start looking at his stuff. I mean, I, I do keep putting out, I’m putting out content consistently. I’m doing at least something new every week.

Micky (01:36:51): You may want to attack the backlinks then.

Chris (01:36:56): Yeah. It’s tough. The tension of producing content, but still producing good content.

Micky (01:37:01): Yeah.

Chris (01:37:01): It’s really hard.

Micky (01:37:02): Oh yeah. It’s a science. It takes like the article I sent you yesterday. Like click on that link that I sent you yesterday. The video I sent you.

Chris (01:37:13): Oh.

Micky (01:37:14): So my strategy is going to be, it should be in Teams probably. I’ll show you what I’m working on. I’ve got, I’ve got two strategies, u we’re going to be working on. One is these videos. So when you click on that link, you see that’s a video and an article. So all I did was take the video and turn it into a transcript.

Chris (01:37:37): Oh sure. Yeah.

Micky (01:37:38): So, that’s content. And now I’m not advertising it yet cause I don’t have anything to sell. I’m building an online shopping cart and stuff like that. But what I’m doing, the next thing I’m gonna do is FAQs. So click on home button where it says “Home”.

Micky (01:38:01): And then scroll down to the FAQ section. So right there “Laravel, Rails, or express JS,: Which Framework is Better?” click on that link. At the top where it just says “Laravel” and click on that.

Chris (01:38:17): On right here?

Micky (01:38:17): Oh, I guess I should hyperlink that. Click on, “learn more”.

Chris (01:38:21): Here we go.

Micky (01:38:24): And see, that’s an article I wrote in an FAQ format. So Google will pick that up as an FAQ. So.

Chris (01:38:35): FAQ a frequently asked question.

Micky (01:38:37): Yeah, frequently asked questions and

Chris (01:38:39): Well, cause like for example, okay. Is that a good thing to write content like that way?

Micky (01:38:45): Yes. Google loves FAQ.

Chris (01:38:47): Well, cause like this would have been and this one, when I do questions about cancer, when I do it, I get, I get really good click rates, but it just kind of like, I don’t know the time on the page isn’t great But this is like a, like a FAQ, but I don’t. How do you, how does it, how does it qualify as an FAQ?

Micky (01:39:12): There’s a whole science to it. So let me show you. Type in a new, open, a new tab and type in Google FAQ schema and click on that first one where it says “Mark up your FAQ with structured data”.

Chris (01:39:37): Okay.

Micky (01:39:39): So this is what we just built for TheHopeLine. Now what you could do is tell Isha to build what, what we’d built at TheHopeLine. Just build it for you. And TheHopeLine is doing some more work on it. So Kara, is it ready yet? Have they gotten it ready?

Kara (01:39:56): I think so.

Micky (01:39:57): Yeah. Wh- what were they going to do? They were going to do, they did a custom field, right? Was it a custom field?

Kara (01:40:03): I think so where. [bad Connection]

Micky (01:40:04): Yeah, where they can shrink the question.

Kara (01:40:11): Where they can have their main title of the article is one thing. But then have an FAQ where they have it in the form of a question.

Chris (01:40:20): Is this it?

Kara (01:40:21): That’s not it, no.

Chris (01:40:22): Oh, okay. So.

Kara (01:40:23): No, that’s the old one.

(01:40:25): Um, go to the topic dropdown up at the top of.

Chris (01:40:30): Oh, just go back to their home page?

Kara (01:40:32): Yeah.

Micky (01:40:32): Go to the home page.

Chris (01:40:34): Okay.

Kara (01:40:34): However you can, while you can . . . Go to additional topics. I think it’s broken heart is one that has been on there. And scroll down just a little bit. Keep on scrolling. Okay. No, that’s not it. Let’s see.

Chris (01:41:18): Well, you guys I can, I know this is probably a rabbit trail. I can look into that. [inaudible]

Kara (01:41:23): I can send you the link in Teams about it.

Chris (01:41:26): Sure. That’d be great. That’d be great.

Micky (01:41:28): The good part is TheHopeLine, it was a lot of work. I mean, I’m talking about. . .

Kara (01:41:33): Yeah.

Micky (01:41:34): . . . Developer time. But you can go and get Isha to go copy all the code that we built.

Kara (01:41:38): Yeah.

Micky (01:41:38): And you already have it because basically TheHopeLine spent a lot of time learning the schema, building it out. We made every mistake possible. And it took, we got, there’s a consulting company that was involved. Finally, I thought the consulting company, we paid them a ton of money, but they had no idea what they were talking about. And after we got done, I told Kara, I think we can build this in WordPress. So we built it custom in WordPress, and now it works great. So they’re going back in there, updating all their content to FAQs. And it’s pretty powerful.

Chris (01:42:22): That’s cool.

Micky (01:42:24): So

Chris (01:42:24): Yeah. Well, you guys thank you so much for your time today. Really appreciate it.

Micky (01:42:28): Anytime.

Kara (01:42:28): You’re welcome!

Micky (01:42:28): Talk to you later!

Kara (01:42:28): See you!

Chris (01:42:31): Yep. Talk to you guys soon. Bye.