Where are Rackless’ Software Developers Located?

Where are Rackless’ Software Developers Located?

At Rackless, we pride ourselves on having a global workforce ready to build and support great technology products with love. Our software developers that work on these great products are distributed between 3 primary locations. The first location is the country of India located in the Eastern Hemisphere of the world. The second and third locations, North America and South America are located in the Western Hemisphere. Below we outline the difference between these 3 locations. We also explain why a client may wish to select an Eastern Hemisphere over the Western Hemisphere and vice versa. And then we look at the vice versa of this decision.


EASTERN HEMISPHERE: Located in India, Rackless recruits talented software developers that take software development requests from us and our clients and code those requests to our specifications. This coding in most cases occurs while our North American clients sleep. Communication takes place asynchronously using both a ticket and chat system. Our North American clients go to bed while our developers wake-up and start their 8 hours shift. As our North American clients wake up, the work by their software engineers is ready for their review.

WESTERN HEMISPHERE: Rackless also recruits talented software developers in both North and South America. These software engineers are available during the day for our North American clients. This allows for real-time interaction during the typical working day. While most communication still takes place via tickets and real-time chat, real-time coloration can be considered a benefit that by some is worth the extra costs.


Once a company grows, its software engineering needs may also grow. We have had Rackless clients recruit several engineers from our team. Another benefit of utilizing Rackless is we can combine our Eastern Hemisphere and our Western Hemisphere teams for you. This allows you to achieve around the clock software development.

Micky Thompson, our founder, studied and lectured on this use of both Eastern and Western Hemisphere teams as part of his post-graduate studies at The University of Arizona. Because of that education, we now are able to bring those learnings to you. As part of our service, we teach our small business clients how to achieve the same software development productivity large companies have been using for years.


Over the years, we have developed our own internal process for hiring software developers. If you are hiring a software engineer for the first time, we have a treat for you. We have written a detailed article outlining the steps you need to take to hire your own software developers. In the article, we go into great detail about how you can hire the right software developer. To read that article, click here.