Follow The Conversation – The Need For Speed

Follow The Conversation – The Need For Speed

In today’s ‘Follow The Conversation’ with Micky from Rackless, he shows us 4… oops, we mean 5 conversations he held with Isha, a software developer at Rackless. His goal was to advance the product he and she are building. In this conversation, Micky focuses on his need for speed as they work to minimize the speed to create a new conversation, amount of text on the page, make it faster to see the start and end of the conversation.

Video Transcript

Micky Thompson (00:00)

Hi, I’m Micky, and today we have an episode of Follow the Conversation. We’re actually going to look at four conversations I had with my software developer in making a change to our Rackless App, which is a product we use to help manage our conversations between product owners and software developers. So we’re gonna jump right in today and I’m going to go ahead and share with you my screen. So that way you can see what we got going on here. So here we have the first conversation and this conversation is number 67. And one of the things that you may notice if you’ve seen prior follow the conversation is under task 067, it now shows in progress. And what we’ve done here is I’ve created a conversation or Isha to add to our conversation so that I can see the current status of the conversation we’re looking up.

Micky Thompson (00:54)

So in this tight case, number 67 is in progress. So here we can see the conversation where I said, can you add status to the conversation below type and number in the header? And she was able to do that. And there’s some other features I’m going to show you that you’re seeing right now that we’re going to cover as far as this updating the conversation page. But I wanted to show you this one because you’re going to see it in the next few conversations. So here, what I’m going to do is I’m going to mark this ticket has done, so I’ll be right back and we’ll look at the next conversation. Okay, so I’ve added my comment here “Thank you, Isha. This looks great. I’m marking this as done. – Micky.” So we’ve changed the status to ‘Done’, I’m gonna go ahead and press save and we’re going to

Micky Thompson (01:42)

See that that status at the top of the page has, I didn’t know, it scrolled to the comment that I added to this conversation. That’s another ticket that we’ve been working on that just went live, but here we can see the update in the status, right under the ticket number, where it says done. And so we’ll go, go ahead and move on to the next ticket and let’s see what the next conversation holds for us. You’re going to see a common theme in today’s conversations and looking at, and following these conversations. What I wanted to do here was I want to consolidate the detail in conversation to minimize the section add detail, detail feature. So basically what I did here was I asked Isha, who’s one of our software developers at Rackless that works on Rackless App. We’re wanting to make it so that the top section

Micky Thompson (02:36)

Is defaulted to minimize. And we’re not seeing information that we pretty much already know because we got to the ticket based on it. And so here, what I’ve done is we can actually look at it. What we’ve done is taken this section right here and we’ve minimized it. And you can see in this screenshot, these sections were actually broken up prior. And what we’re doing now is just consolidating them and making sure we actually can’t see it in this ticket. There may be another ticket that I created where I had them combined into one section. So anyway, this ticket has gone live. And so that’s why we’re able to see this feature. I’m going to go ahead and mark this ticket as done and we’ll come back and look at the next conversation. Okay. So now what we’re doing is we’re looking at the next conversation here, number 50, and this is where ‘Add New Conversation to Profile Drop-down’.

Micky Thompson (03:27)

What we did here was we made it so that you can add a conversation real quickly without having to go to I’ll show you what you had to do before. It was, you had to go to conversations. You had to select ‘Create’ right here. What we did was we made it so you can do it from the profile drop-down. So here it’s a lot about this conversation and making it faster and minimizing the number of clicks and the things that you have to see. So you’re seeing a common theme here, speed and consolidating information. So here I can create a new ticket very quickly. And so we’ll go ahead and move on to the next conversation. I’ll go ahead and Mark, this ticket as done and we’ll go ahead and move on to the next conversation

Micky Thompson (04:08)

You know, one of the things I just realized was I was missing another conversation I wanted to share with you today because it would feed into the conversation I’m about to share with you next. So we’re going to have an extra conversation we’re going to go over and we’ll jump into that conversation right now. So here’s that conversation that I actually left out, making this five conversations we’re going to look at today. A feature I wanted to add was all about speed and all about condensing information so that we can work through conversations as quickly as possible. And so here, what I’ve done is I’ve created a feature called add, minimize, and maximize to comments in conversations. So what happens is, as you notice, when you go through these conversations, imagine that all of these, this is the new feature. So we minimize and maximize someone would go ahead and maximize all of these.

Micky Thompson (04:59)

And so you can see it’s a lot of scrolling. So what we did was by default, we minimize the conversations. Now in the next conversation, I’m going to show you a feature. So let’s go ahead and switch over to that. So here, what I did was after we completed that last conversation where you can minimize and maximize the sections right here by default, what we do is we expand the first comment and we expand the last comment by default this way, there’s not so much scrolling, having to occur as you’re looking at these conversations

Micky Thompson (05:39)

So, today in Follow the Conversation, we covered some conversation spots specifically, even though we were originally going to start out with four, where we made changes to the Rackless app, using minimize and maximize as well as a shortcut in the profile to create a new conversation. So today’s were all about speed and consolidating information by consolidating the information. It makes it easier for you to see the first part of the conversation and the last part without having…

Micky Thompson (06:06)

Look in the middle, but you can still expand those comments in the middle so that you can See what happened over the lifetime. So thank you for allowing me to share with you. Follow the conversation here at Rackless. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube. Look forward to sharing with you in the future another follow the conversation. Thanks